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Cryptocurrency Adoption Gains Speed In Africa

Across Africa, the continent’s tech savvy youth are turning to bitcoin. Faced with crashing currencies and high unemployment, many see trading cryptocurrencies as a promising new way to make a living. Adoption in the continent is occurring at breakneck speed, especially in Central Africa’s economic hubs, such as Lagos in …

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Avesta Bounty Rewards Announcement Report

Dear Avesta Community, Hope everyone is having an awesome day and your day is about to get much better. As we promised, we are going to distribute the bounty tokens at the end of each month, starting from today. Furthermore, We will be announcing the Account number and the respective …

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Africa: The New Home of Cryptocurrencies

Africans have become more interested in the rise, fall and opportunities bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have to offer after the sudden surge in the prices and value of cryptocurrency which occurred late last year. Countries like the Gambia, Nigeria and South Africa were embraced in the cryptocurrency market. There have …

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