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Avesta can help Africa ride the Cryptocurrency Wave!

By CONTRIBUTOR, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 9 – Cryptocurrency to most people and institutions in Africa is a very big, and daunting word. Like all new technologies, the concept of digital currencies remains an abstract idea to a lot of people, ushering in change and attempts to alter the status quo. But the …

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Avesta — Make crypto accessible with an all-in-one platform

Avesta’s mission is to make cryptocurrency easy-to-use and accessible with an all-in-one platform. Paying at a cash register, moving money, and exchanging between fiat and cryptocurrency are all still either complicated or impossible in today’s crypto-marketplace. They describe in their whitepaper: “We aim to simplify this, hoping to spark a …

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What Makes our Team Special?

Information regarding cryptocurrencies are increasing rapidly, as the world warms up to the idea of virtual finance. At Avesta, a key objective of ours is to work out the best ways to disseminate information about cryptocurrencies to the general public so they are able to access it in a simple …

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