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Avesta Launch : Platform, Wallet and Mining

Dear Avesta Users and Followers, We are proud to announce the Public Beta of Avesta Platform, Wallet and Mining. At this stage people can use the web-wallet to transfer AVE between accounts. Avesta has partnered with Civic hence all logins and KYC check will be done via Civic. And in …

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Avesta in Africa: Bracing for Challenges

Cryptocurrencies are currently disrupting all major financial instruments of the world. Over the last few months, many digital coins have made steady gains, and just last week we saw the price of a single Bitcoin rise to $11,500 as investment continues to gain momentum. Blockchain was introduced to Africa 5 …

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Avesta and Africa, A Good Match in the Future

GLOWING OPPORTUNITIES As with any new innovation, cryptocurrency was met with much speculation and skepticism in the African continent initially. After the concept began to gain popularity in the rest of the world, a few early adopters from the continent helped evangelize the idea of decentralized currencies. In recent times, …

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