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Uniting Africa Under A Single Digital Currency

Following a meeting of the African Union in Rwanda where 44 countries met to sign a free trade agreement, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa made a bold suggestion: a single currency for Africa. Ramaphosa’s suggestion comes as part of a larger push for open borders and a more united continent, …

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms: Types and Categories

Cryptocurrency exchanges, otherwise known as Digital currency exchanges or Bitcoin exchange,  is an online platform which provides the services of allowing traders exchange one form of cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or to exchange a cryptocurrency for fiat currency (legal tender). Of course, in order to determine the type of cryptocurrency …

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Avesta Cryptocurrency News : Bounty Program

Avesta has started an Official External Marketing and Test Team for AVE Bounties. AVE Bounties are paid in AVE Coins. All bounties are processed end of each month and rewards are given. Bounties are divided in different groups: Marketing and Community Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit For creating Avesta …

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