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Three ways the African continent can benefit from Digital currency

In 2018, digital currencies have continued to disrupt financial systems of many countries around the world profoundly, and it is evident for all to see why they are gaining widespread popularity – they are a more secure, portable and cost effective alternative to physical money. As a result, cryptocurrency companies …

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How Digital Coin trading can Benefit Nigerian Investors

Cryptocurrency is money. This best and simplest way to define it. Truly, digital coins are the new cash of our age, and the future to come, and it is only a matter of time before it completely overtakes physical cash as the preferred means of making transactions globally. Historically, money …

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How African Crypto traders can fend off online fraudsters

Digital coins are the rave of the moment, and many African investors now bank on the opportunity to turn huge profits from relatively little investments coupled with perseverance and knowing the right time to trade them. But in the same vein, there is a growing number of online fraudsters looking …

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