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Blockchain to Reinvent African Economies, Ecosystems, Organizations!

In today’s fast emerging economic zones, technology adoption can be a journey of faith into the unknown, riddled with the conflicting priorities of modern societies, bouts of human and institutional inertia and not to forget, legal and regulatory considerations. Having grown up in Nigeria, I have first-hand experience on how …

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AVESTA Coin, Used in a blockchain bank?

Why would you invest in Avesta? Why would you mine Avesta? One of our goals for example is becoming a blockchain bank in the world using Avesta, Democratizing Avesta as we say. To realize this, funds are needed. When we say that the development is far ahead, we also want …

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Avesta Can Leapfrog Africa Into Future!

Africa and its banking sector have always had its issues. Infrastructure for brick and mortar banks struggle due to the remote nature of the continent, but mass adoption of cryptocurrency could see many marginalized people empowered through digital currency. Cryptocurrency is being hailed in the developed world as the next step …

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