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What Makes our Team Special?

Information regarding cryptocurrencies are increasing rapidly, as the world warms up to the idea of virtual finance. At Avesta, a key objective of ours is to work out the best ways to disseminate information about cryptocurrencies to the general public so they are able to access it in a simple and quick manner. Avesta aims to promote and demystify cryptocurrency so everyone can understand it.

To this effect, we have put together a formidable team of excellent professionals, some of the brightest minds in the digital coin market at the moment. Our team is made up of individuals who are adept in their own fields, bringing the professional savvy and experience that has made Avesta one of the most effective and fastest-growing payment platforms on the planet. With over 30 years of combined experience in the digital coin industry, we understand current trends and issues facing the industry and are well suited to take on these challenges.

Meet the Team


Aydin Farhoudi
Position: CEO

The visionary and intellectual brainbox behind Avesta is a man who has been founder and Chief executive officer of several successful enterprises around the world. He has extensive experience in B2B sales, finance and merchants approach, and is an expert negotiator.

A few of the startup businesses he has been involved with include:
Bitcause Tradings Hong Kong Ltd (CEO/Owner)
HI-din Co Ltd (CEO/Owner)
E-Life Hong Kong Ltd (Owner)
AMAC Sarl In Guinea (Owner)
Connecting World Consultancy and E-life.be (Formerly CEO/Owner, Health-e-life BVBA)


Jan Van Melle
Position: Chief Technical Officer

The CTO of Avesta is a trained and competent engineer with over 8 years’ experience in crypto mining, web based, cloud and digital payment infrastructure. He is well versed in Blockchain technology and application systems. With a solid background in Engineering he is well suited to tackle any challenges that may arise from the digital coin industry and mobilize teams to get efficient results.




Kongpop Wongrung
Position: Mining Specialist

Kongpop is a cryptocurrency mining specialist and network administrator at Avesta. He is knowledgeable in software components with a background in computer technology engineering. He currently has over 3 years of cryptocurrency mining experience setting up hardware equipment for hundreds of companies in Asia.





Position: Blockchain Developer

Luis is a specialist in Blockchain technology and principal Blockchain developer at Avesta. He is responsible for keeping Avesta’s Blockchain systems safe, secure and functioning optimally.






Ashwini Khemlani
Position: VP Marketing

Ashwini is a conscientious and thorough expert in digital marketing and VP marketing division at Avesta with sound knowledge of the digital coin industry. She is in charge of managing business exposure to place Avesta on the right trajectory to attain its full potential. She is an excellent engineer with sufficient knowledge of both the technical and business aspects of the cryptocurrency industry.

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