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On the left side of the of the tab is the confirmed balance “123.456789”
On the right side is the unconfirmed balance “400.0000”

Unconfirmed balance can be incoming balance from a transaction, or pending mining rewards.

On the Avesta explorer you can lookup block-finders.
And confirm you are the first block-finder of a certain block.

You can live track found blocks in your account that will show up as “unconfirmed”
And will automatically confirm once enough block confirmations are in place.

Block retarget time: 10 seconds
Proof of Work Algorithm: Cryptonight+
Codebase: BCN
Coin Cap: 129.500.000
Coin Distribution: approx 33 years
Block explorer: https://app.avesta.io

Whitepaper: https://avesta.io/pdf/Avesta-Whitepaperv12-en.pdf

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You can download the Miner software Here.

Before you can begin to mine Avesta you will need to register an account with Avesta. You can do this via the Avesta website (https://www.Avesta.io) and upon registration you will be given a 10 digit account number. This 10 digit account number is the account number you use when starting the miner.

The command line arguments are the same for Windows and Linux. We recommend you create a batch file that is used to launch the miner. The command in a typical Windows batch file to launch the miner will look like this:

avesta.exe –account xxxxxxxxxx –log-level 3 –threads x

On Linux machines just drop the ‘.exe.’ from the assemblies name.

Replace the ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ with your Avesta account number, and replace the ‘x’ after ‘threads’ with the number of threads you wish to run.

The number of threads you launch will have a big affect on your hash (mining) rate, and more isn’t always better.

The Avesta miner uses a version of the cryptonight\cryptonote protocol. The hash performance is highly dependent on the amount of Level 3 cache that your CPU has. You should divide the amount of Level 3 cache your CPU has in MB by 2 to calculate your optimum number of threads e.g…

6 core CPU, with hyperthreading (e.g. 12 threads supported) and 6 MB of Level 3 cache.

6 MB of Level 3 cache divided by 2MB is 3, and therefore the miner should be configured for 3 threads. Any more than that and you will decrease your hash rate even though you have 6 cores/12 threads available.

When it is launched the Miner will connect to the central Avesta mining nodes and you will start mining!


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The Login for Civic click here

On the mobile phone please click on “open Civic App”
On the desktop/laptop please scan the Civic QR core with your Civic Application on your phone/tablet

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To register for Avesta please click here

In the video below more details on how to Setup Civic and Register with Avesta

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