With prices of cryptocurrencies on the rise due to growing awareness about the
potentials of a largely untapped currency market, you may be thinking of investing your
money in what is now frequently regarded as the ‘future of finance’ However, there are
some things you likely do not yet understand about present day cryptocurrencies, as the
terms can rapidly become too technical for you to comprehend. This is where Avesta
comes in.

Avesta is a new standard for cryptocurrency that simplifies the entire process to make it
much easier for anybody to make crypto transactions quickly and securely on the go. It
is offering a more familiar approach to the relatively new terrain of virtual currencies, so
you can now tread with less caution. Let’s talk more about this new, better alternative
launching in 2018.

Why choose Avesta?
Account numbers, NOT codes
Cryptocurrency wallets use long string of weird characters which are easy to forget,
leaving all your coins lost in the system, if were you to lose the password to your
personal keys. Avesta is introducing account numbers just like your Bank account
number so easily keep track of all accounts you deal with. It also enables you to use an
Instant Messenger and a Voice Over IP functionality in addition to your crypto-wallet.

Faster Confirmations
With other cryptocurrencies the confirmation time (Needed for blockchain engineers to
confirm transactions) is around 10 minutes. This poses a real problem if you need to
pay for something using your crypto-wallet at your local supermarket, for example.
Avesta solves this problem by an advanced blockchain system which is over 60 times
faster than Bitcoin. The system achieves this by separating all your transactions into the
blockchain into a verification layer and a transaction layer, simplifying and accelerating
the transaction process considerably.

Avesta Credit & Debit Cards
Avesta is simplifying the way you access funds saved in your wallet by allowing you use
credit card or a debit card to easily withdraw funds on the go. These cards can also be
used for online transactions just like your regular ATM cards. These cards are secured
with advanced encryption for added layers of security.

Anonymous Payments
Any transactions made on the platform is secure and doesn’t reveal personal
information about the owner of the account. This keeps you safe, secure, and
anonymous while you carry out all your financial transactions.

Endless Integration, Scalable
Avesta is going to be implemented in such a way that developers can build
user-friendly, decentralized applications around the blockchain. It implements this by
offering API support for integrating multiple payment options for e-commerce and
mobile applications like in-app purchases and other instant payment systems.

Addresses legal concerns
Avesta plans to develop a legal framework in the coming months that will effectively
address prospective users’ concerns about legal regulations surrounding
cryptocurrencies which is n to differ from one country to the next.
With plans aimed at collaborating with major legal entities around the globe underway,
this form of payment will also become more widely accepted in a few years.




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