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Advantages Of Cryptocurrency

With cryptocurrency rapidly prevailing nowadays, let’s have a look at some of its advantages:

1. Cryptocurrency ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

It is an online fundraising method which only uses cryptocurrency. Startup companies use these funds for capital. ICO campaigns are also launched by companies for the inauguration of a project or to complete an ongoing project. With the help of cryptocurrency, companies can easily launch fund raising programs and people who have cryptocurrency can easily participate. Instead of the companies doing traditional fundraising spending a lot of money in lawyer fees to get started.

The ICO simplify the process.
The early investors are rewarded more than in traditional fundraising. In most cases early investors in traditional fundraising are squeezed out on later rounds of investment. The coins represent equity of the project as the company becomes more successful the coins go up in value.

2. Safety

Cryptocurrency is always encrypted and is an online form of currency. Hence, it
poses less security risks compared to cash, credit cards, etc. For now, this digital coin is the
safest money transaction method.

3. International Recognition

No government or institution controls this currency. Which means,
cryptocurrency is not affected by interest rates, exchange rates or any other similar charges.
Overall, this reduces the total transaction fees.

4. Easy to Use at (Point of Sale) POS

Few merchants have implemented the use of cryptocurrency at the point of sale. Here, the transactions are made easy as the customer simply transfers the right amount of digital currency to the store’s digital wallet.

5. Access to Everyone

In today’s developed world, more than 3 billion people have access to the internet. For a hassle free, excess fee free transaction system, more and more people are relying on these easy to use coins. The people that have issues with identification and monies can easily have a banking account.

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